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The Crawler – The Stage In-Between Baby and Toddler

Z is beyond ready to be a toddler. He is only 9 months old but he knows exactly what he wants and when he wants it. He will cry if I take something away from him that he shouldn’t have, he will fight sleep and only nap/go down for the night if and when he wants to and he is ridiculously independent. At his baby classes he will crawl off into the middle or leave me to sit with the teacher. He will only really come back to me if he is hungry, tired or sad and other than those times he is off doing his own thing.

It is currently 10 past 10 and he is still up playing, squealing and crawling around. He keeps coming back to me to check-in, for a quick feed or a tickle but then he’s off and back to play again. If I try to cuddle him or pat him to sleep he crys and/or squirms away to get back to playing – he is currently sat on the floor waving one of my flip flops around.

This in-between stage is a strange one. They’re still babies in the sense that they can’t walk or talk and they still need you for everything (dressing, washing, feeding, nappy changes, help getting to sleep, comforting, carrying, taking them places ect)., but at the same time they’re suddenly these tiny, little people who know exactly what they want and they aren’t going to give up until they get it.

Whilst I know it will be more of a challenge when he can say ‘no’ and run away from me, I don’t really think that too much will change when he becomes a ‘real’ toddler. Of course, I know that he will change as he is already changing all the time. I think what I mean is, he is already such a confident, independent, determined little boy that I don’t think the baby to toddler stage will be much of a difference in comparison to the difference between newborn and crawler.

But I guess I will just have to wait and see. Watching him grow and change really is amazing. Even if I will always miss who he was in the previous stage of life.

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