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I am writing this blog to share my experiences, thoughts, ideas, successes and challenges of becoming a parent. I am a stay at home mum to a very curious and adventurous baby boy.

A bit about me:

My little boy was born via an emergency csection two days before his due date due to not feeling him move all day. The cord had knotted around his neck but he thankfully made it out okay!

We are still exclusively breastfeeding – he isn’t too interested in solids yet so only really feeds less when he’s in pain from teething, not feeling well or when he’s too excited by his play.

I was diagnosed with autism during pregnancy so my thoughts and feelings may be a bit different to yours. If you are autistic too then hopefully my words and experiences can be of some help to you on your journey and if not, we’re all just here to give our children the best possible lives so hopefully you will get something out of my words too.

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